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     “I am thrilled, and not surprised, that over the last year the craving and demand    for productive and quick collaborations, through generous and respectful    communications resulting in BIG BOLD solutions, is stronger than ever!!”

  Are you tired of every department and team working in silos?

  Do you crave a united front?  And, how are you ever going to impress upon your      employees to work together, smarter, utilizing each other’s strengths and                  creativity?

   Where are all the BIG and BOLD ideas you keep asking for? 

                                  Time to call MAX!

     Using one of the most exhilarating forces in business today, improv,  Max will motivate  and inspire you and your teams to be:

  • Agile and think more quick on your feet.  Risking is encouraged.
  • Curious and find a fresh way of capturing the creativity, innovation and strengths inside your managers, employees, everyone.
  • Implementors and not just thinkers.  

  • “Yes, But…”  cynicism will give way to the BOLD possibilities of “Yes, And…” 

  • A little more fearless and fun!

       “Your exercises were an absolute hit with everyone. They loved getting involved and have praised your performance! I would say that Maxine is absolutely phenomenal! …And recommend utilizing her talents for any motivational presentation.”

                       –  Federal Reserve Banks’ Annual IT Conference

“Max is a spitfire and will literally have you jumping out of your seats! She is at the same time very warm and engaging.  She really understands people and human behavior.”                                 – LA Mission