Meeting Planners

“You don’t get a Keynote Speaker when you hire Max – you get a Keynote Experience!! Wow!”  

Imagine, 70 or 700 of your attendees totally interacting, laughing, fully engaged while learning AND experiencing new ways to Collaborcate!™ Create, Communicate and Collaborate.

Now imagine, the whole conference or meeting is set on a higher plain and everyone is smiling, big, and ready to innovate new ways of building their business, setting your organization above the rest with an attitude of generosity and openness.  No more, “Yes, but…”  and a whole lot of “Yes, AND…”


Maxine tailor makes all of her HIGHLY interactive presentations to your industry and conference or meeting theme.

Max knows business:

  • Weekly Financial Commentator for NPR’s “Marketplace” one of the most widely listened to business broadcasts in the country.
  • Daily Financial Commentator and host, “Marketplace Midday,” for NPR affiliate KERA, North Texas Public Radio, 4th largest media market in the country.
  • Over 15 years on the Chicago Board of Trade Floor.
  • And, a student of Chicago’s Prominent “Second City Improv Lab”

 Suggested Titles:

“It’s What’s Inside that Counts (No, Really!)”


“Be a Great Leader –  And Get out of the Way”     

 If you are ready to catapult your next conference or meeting and take it to a new creative height beyond any of your expectations – call MAX!  214.455.1093

”Dallas Business Journal readers believe it was the best morning program we’ve ever had and months later readers are still telling us they are using the knowledge they “experienced” at your presentation. You entertained and captivated us with your exercises and wisdom so we could captivate our clients and employees. You taught us not keep pace with the market, but to be forward-thinking leaders in our industry.”

— Clint Tenney, Dallas Business Journal, Director of Sales & Marketing