It’s More Than A Ping Pong Table – Three Steps To Keeping A Millennial Longer Than 6 Weeks

ping-pong-table 3You’re a business owner, HR executive, CEO, COO, manager, etc. and you’re completely perplexed on how you can stop this revolving door of millennials coming in and going out of your business.  You’ve supplied the kitchen, with 27 different cereals, nut mixes, candy bars, protein drinks and gluten free whatever.  In fact the boardroom has been completely transformed and the only reason why you still call it “The Boardroom” is because of the wide array of board games millennials can play on their breaks. (Yes, you did your homework; according to The GBrief , the website ALL about millennials,  “they love their board games”  The GBrief – millennials and their board games)  And still you haven’t found a way to get them to stay.

Here are three simple steps in turning things around:

Step 1:  You must acknowledge that what millennials want in the workplace is shared by the majority of your employees, regardless of what generation they belong to.  No one graduated college thinking, “I can’t wait to be micro-managed!”  We all had dreams of contributing and being part of the growth of something and/or some organization.  The challenge we’ve got with a millennial is that if they don’t feel this empowerment and engagement in the first month – they’re out of there.  Or, they stay – unhappy.  “Hey, I stayed unhappy at my job for 20 years!” is not a good enough reason to ask anyone else to do the same.

Step 2:  Recognize that you’re not the only one who wants to feel good at the end of the day about their productivity and contribution to the organization.

Step 3: And that’s your job; to find out what makes your employees feel productive, fulfilled and happy.  And here’s the catch – just by taking the time and energy in this exploration you will reap benefits far beyond what you expected.

This probe doesn’t take forever.  And, the impact on your bottom-line will be far more positive than any hummus-packed refrigerator or ping-pong table.  I promise.

If you’ve already done this, I’d love to hear and share what worked.  If you need quick and productive ways to search out your company’s “truth,” I’ve got a proven process to offer you.  Take a big exhale – and go for it.

4 thoughts on “It’s More Than A Ping Pong Table – Three Steps To Keeping A Millennial Longer Than 6 Weeks

  1. Great article! Millennials are known for their desire to be happy and find purpose in their careers but everyone wants to make a positive contribution in the workplace. If a company has the opportunity to enlist top talent to be on their team, it’s important to find out the best ways to retain them. Sometimes all it takes is a genuine interest in the well being of others through a conversation.

  2. I love this approach!!!!! As a mom of a millenial, he is very ready to change jobs and a well stocked fridge is not enough to keep him there. It’s all about the culture that he works with and feeling included in decision making, that his brilliance is valued, rewarded and acknowledged. I see his tremendous talent, his ability to get jobs and his complete willingness to leave even when his employer finds him to be a valuable asset – because these simple needs are not appreciated or acknowledged. Instead, he is micro-managed and simply won’t tolerate it.

  3. Thanks Maxine for sharing a very important aspect of understanding employees’ real need and interest of being part of the growth of something and/or some organization.

  4. Employees on deadlines will be distracted by others they view as doing less than they should as part of the team. And, when managers start monitoring the table, watching who’s spending their time playing instead of working, that table will seem more like a trick than a treat.

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