“I can’t say enough. In a recent “Inside the Box” training at LA Works, Maxine redefined excellence. Her innovative, upbeat, motivational (and humorous) style engaged our Success Network members from the get-go. Maxine’s expertise and extensive experience were evident as she facilitated several “breakthrough” moments throughout the training. I would welcome Maxine back anytime and recommend her to any individual or organization looking to reach their potential or discover what lies Inside the Box.”   Benjamin Brus,  Client Services Manager at LA Works


These are no ordinary workshops or seminars. The global business environment is changing more rapidly than ever. Are you leading or following? Using the techniques of improv, group members will participate in highly interactive, spontaneous and fun exercises. After each exercise, debriefing is essential in solidifying the skill, knowledge, or ability experienced. You and Maxine will discuss and evaluate your needs and goals. Follow-up sessions are recommended. Like any good muscle, spontaneity needs periodicflexing to stay strong.

It’s What’s INSIDE That Counts (No Really!)

There is a wealth of talent inside you and your organization waiting to be revealed. Spontaneity, thinking quicker on your feet, and trust cannot be learned from lectures or a book. It must be experienced, captivating and fun for any transformation to occur. Value the process as much as the goal and watch productivity soar.

Leadership Development

Discover how leaders create a culture of performance, creativity, innovation, and constant learning. You’re required to improvise all the time—hone those skills. Experience how engagement and authenticity will make for more happier employees and more loyal customers.

Innovation and Creativity

The only difference between you and your competitors is you. New ideas keep you ahead of the game.

Team Building

Create the culture you want—acceptance, trust and cooperation—it’s possible. (especially when a team has fun together)

Sales Training

When sales people use the techniques of improv, magic happens. Learn, storytelling (yes, this is one sales seminar where you get to talk) to draw your clients’ needs out. Experience how to enjoy listening without thinking ahead and much, much more. And aren’t we all selling something?!

Allen Chamber of Commerce


Half Day — 3–4 hours

Full Day — 7–8 hours

1 1/2 Days — 11 hours

2 Day Retreat — 15 hours

Monthly & Quarterly workshops

Call Max for fees

(adjustments are made for non-profits)