In today’s global environment, creative and innovative thinking is a must. It’s a valuable commodity that Maxine Shapiro can help deliver and I know from personal experience. I’ve seen her in action. Maxine brings a unique talent, energy and dedication to this initiative that makes it worth your consideration… It’s well worth the investment.”

 T.  Boone Pickens, legendary entrepreneur

“Believe me I used your concept immediately after the last time (6 years ago) I listened to you and found it working perfectly. Thinking inside the box benefited my career and gave me lots of joy. 1.  I gained loyalty from my colleagues and subordinates when I promoted from within. 2. I made lots of decisions that I will never regret.  3. I gained the respect of my top management as an empowering leader within the organization. 

 F. Ali, Director of RA/QA, Millar Instruments Inc.  

“I just wanted to take a minute to share how amazing my experience for the “Inside the Box” training was. Here at Zappos, we are encouraged and empowered to integrate our passions into whatever job it is we are doing. ..I loved your energy and commitment to every second of the day. The games were impactful, entertaining, thoughtful, created connection with the whole class. All in all, it was the most eye-opening seminar I’ve ever been to… Thank you again for your commitment to the process!”

— Zappos Training Director

“I recently attended Maxine’s workshop and I can honestly say, “She got me at hello”. Maxine’s clever wit along with her training in improvisation, kept us totally interested with funny stories and messages. In only a short time, I learned an abundance of information on how take my creative ideas, and as Maxine’s says, flex your muscles and trust what is inside the box, although the message she shares is that there really is no box – we are bondless! I recommend Maxine Shapiro to any group or company that wants to motivate their people.

— Ellen Davis, Generalist, Freelance Services – Contractor

  “Dallas Business Journal readers believe it was the best morning program we’ve ever had and months later readers are still telling us they are using the knowledge they “experienced” at your presentation. You entertained and captivated us with your exercises and wisdom so we could captivate our clients and employees. You taught us not keep pace with the market, but to be forward-thinking leaders in our industry.”

— Clint Tenney, Dallas Business Journal, Director of Sales & Marketing

“Your workshop was OUTSTANDING!!  And I experienced a positive shift in my life from it, and in fact, things at work have been going so much better because of the principles you taught us.  My confidence in sharing my creative ideas with my co-workers has increased dramatically!!  I feel so much more worthy, and I’m actually feeling more inspired and creative, as well! YES!!!!”  

— Meloney Hudson, Production Manager, Guthy-Renker, LLC

When there is a change in management there is always the awkward transition time for employees… Maxine came in at this crucial time and allowed us to laugh, appreciate each other, our team, and ourselves. The day-long workshop was engaging from the very beginning… We experienced how to be even more authentic and empathetic with our clients and each other. And, most importantly, we have not lost the synergy. I would recommend Maxine and the Inside the Box training to any team whether in a transition period or not.  — Denish Wilson-Owens, Interim Director, Garland Housing Authority

“Right from the get go, you had the audience, engaged, energized and enthusiastic. The audience appreciated the activity and lessons learned … others need to hear and act on your message.”
“Thanks for a wonderful performance at the Dallas ASTD October 2004 monthly chapter meeting, Maxine.”
“You were a smashing success!!!”
— Doug Caldwell, VP Programs, Dallas ASTD

…You have a remarkable talent to engage an audience and get them involved. The energy in the room at the end of the meeting was incredible. Everyone was pumped to interact with each other and energized to return to their job…
Change does equal learning. Thanks for reminding me.
— Dave Cates, Diverse Business Brokers

Your energy and enthusiasm made our Allen Community OutReach (ACO) Board of Directors Retreat a resounding success. I was extremely pleased with how you got the group focused on the big objectives we had discussed during our planning session. Your own “sparkling moments” tell me, in your heart working to help groups like ACO, which helps others get their lives back together, is a real minstry for you.
— Henry Lessner, ACO President

I just shipped one of my research reports. In the subject area of the e-mail, I noted the following “It’s inside the box.” I was referring to the FedEx box, but my subconscious was still at the meeting last night. You could have kicked my butt for doing everything wrong, but not anymore. My mother was an immigrant and a seamstress, but she made sure I got educated. I got the degrees but Ma gave me the education. Forgive me for saying this, but I thought you were Ma last night.
— Art Gillis, Institute for Management Consultant, Dallas


“I have had the opportunity to attend many seminars a year and hear many speakers, I think you are one of the best speakers I have heard and your presentation was energizing. What a difference audience interaction makes!”
— Linda Little, Training and Development Chair, Women’s Alliance of McKinney

“Excellent!! Engaging, entertaining – tied to the ROI of the business, not just fluff. Great” “My favorite session! Powerful Influential” “Great. Passion is Contagious”
— Attendees, HR SOUTHWEST Human Resources Conference,

“Maxine was very funny and confident which made the presentation awesome. We had a lot of fun and learned practical things to take back to the workplace.” “Dynamic presentation! Excellent suggestions.”
“One of the “BEST” motivating sessions I have been to during this conference. Held my attention the whole time.”
“Great speaker; great topic”
— Attendees, HR SOUTHWEST Human Resources Conference,

Your highly interactive, spontaneous, improvisational and fun techniques were truly outstanding. You delivered your message as promised. We got it! Please feel free to use me as a reference any time.
— Warren Hogan, Chairman
Hogan Center for Performance Excellence

Please consider scheduling Maxine Shapiro for your next professional development seminar or training session or “must have fun” workshop. She recently facilitated a communication leadership workshop for my SAIL Board members… As their College liaison I feared they would be reticent to participate in a soft skills training experience. I was wrong. This is all due to Maxine’s wonderful facilitation skills. She brings people together with insight, warmth and generous amounts of humor… In fact, they brought their new found knowledge back to board meetings. Needless to say it, was a very successful event.
— Natalie Greenwell
SAIL, Program Director of Continuing Education, Collin County CCD

BRAVO! “Yes, and…” can be heard all over the region as people share your message.
Those of us responsible for such events, witness a lot of speakers and presentations. It is always easy to identify — not the good ones — but the REALLY GREAT ones, by the comments from the audience. Please let me share just a couple of them:
“I have been coming to these functions for a number of years and Ms. Shapiro was unequivocally, the BEST I have ever experienced!”
“WOW! Maxine was wonderful! It’s not often that I leave a function wishing it had lasted longer so I could’ve heard more!”
— Athens, TX Chamber of Commerce

There are many other happy clients!
For more references contact us.

Here is a list of a few other creative clients:
Fox Entertainment Group • ClubCorp • USC College of Health and Human Development • LA Valley College, LA Fellows •  American Academy of Dental Group Practice •  Project Management Institute Houston & Denver •  USC School of Nursing  The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas • Heritage Golf Group GM Conference• YPO San Juan, PR • Michigan PGA • National Institute of CPA’s • Ceridian Canada • Berkowitz, Dick, Pollack, & Brant Certified Public Accounts, LLP • Atlanta Apartment Association • Texas Child and Protective Services • Best Practices, LLC — Global Benchmarking Council (Fortune 500 Companies) • Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives • The City of Garland, TX Managers • Garland Housing Authority • CF & Co., LLP • Allen Community Outreach Board of Directors • Institute for Management Consultants, Dallas • Atlanta National Golf Cource • Castle Hills Golf Course • White Columns Country Club • Polo Golf and Country Club • American Society for Quality, Dallas • Pathology Partners